RongDa Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1982. The specialty is engaged in the glass machinery 、metal conveyor belt、shear blade、silent chain、mold lubricant development production.
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Grid Link Conveyor Belts are used in as straight run belts and also curved

.     Popular in cookers, transfers, coolers, dryers, freezer tunnels and more. 

Audubon Grid Link Conveyor Belts are available with  3/4" Pitch or 1" Pitch U shaped Side Links.  The mesh consists of balance weave spirals. and a 6 gauge cross rod each pitch.  The spirals allows for  tighter weaves and more choices regarding opening size than flat wire styles offer.   We can open the mesh or make it tighter
based on your current requirements.

If your belt requires a turn radius, the standard inside radius is  2.2 times the width of your belt. 

Are you currently using an Omni Grid or a  Cam Grid conveyor belt?  If so contact us for a price comparison.

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