RongDa Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1982. The specialty is engaged in the glass machinery 、metal conveyor belt、shear blade、silent chain、mold lubricant development production.
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Rod network belts for the food industry wire mesh belt

Rod network belts for the food industry Wire mesh belt

Light weight open construction makes this belt popular in baking and food processing. Positive driven belting manufactured from 302 stainless steel and wire. This belt is manufactured in the following standard meshes.

72 x .035”, 48 x .050”, 32 x .082”, 24 x .092”,

72 x .050”, 42 x .050”, 27 x .050”, 15 x .092”,

54 x .035”, 42 x .062”, 24 x .072”


Also available in metric pitch. Complete line of sprockets, blanks, shafts, turn belts, and complete conveyor units


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