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Chain Driven Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

Chain Driven Wire  Mesh Conveyor Belts

Chain Weave belts assure positive, true forward movement under the most difficult conditions. Rugged and durable Conveyor Belts.  They are used in heat treating, metalworking, food processing, snack food, ceramics and various other applications. They are efficient in any conveying application where the advantages to positive drive contribute to a more effecient operation.  Conveyor belt tracking and conveyor belt aligntment are simplified with this belt style.
Under moderate temperatures chain drives are very desireable and actually do the driving, the belt itself being used as a conveying medium only.   For high temperature work where chain drive is desirable the belt  is constructed with a chain of special heat resistant alloy.  Practically any link chain or roller chain may be used. 


Chain            Pitch              Rod Size
C-2040           1"                     .156
C-2042           1"                     .156
C-2052           1 1/4"               .200
C-2062           1 1/2"               .234
C-2080           2"                     .312
C-2082           2"                     .312
C-2102           2 1/2"               .374 
Chain          Pitch   Rod Dia
LXS-3013       3"        .438
LXS-4013       4"        .438
LXS-4019       4"        .500
SS-1114          6"        .625-
SS-1116          6"        .562
Chain           Pitch                Rod Dia
442                1.375"                .312
445                1.630"                .312
452                1.506"                .375
455                1.630"                .438
462                1.634"                .438
4062              1.634"                .438
488                2.609"                .438
4102              3.075"                .750
4124              4.063"                .812
Standard or Extended Pitch Roller Chain Conveyor belts are used primarily for handling light and medium loads.  Among typical uses for these positive drive conveyor belts are removal of heat treated parts from quench baths, washing and drying applications and the handling of products in the food processing industry. Listed below are the Roller Chains available for Audubon's Roller Chain Series of Chainweave conveyor Belts.
The Engineering Series Roller Chain conveyor belt is similar to the extended pitch roller chain but is of heavier construction and greater strength. It has greater clearances then precision roller chain and is specifically engineered for use in applications or environments where dirt accumulation or inadequate lubrication may occur.  It is typically used in handling heavy loads in washing and drying, for quench bath operations, for handling heavy stampings and forgings and similar work.
The Pintle Chainweave conveyor belt is used in applications involving product conveyance at moderate speeds in a wide range of process equipments.  It is adaptable to operation at elevated temperatures with miniumum maintenance and for use where dirt or insufficient lubrication may cause problems with other types of chain.  Typical applications for light duty pintle chain include conveying paper ,food products, and light metal parts.  Heavy pintle chain is used  in continuous draw furnaces and for conveying heavy product loads.

Chain        Pitch            Rod Size

RC-40          1/2"                .156" 
RC-50     .    5/8"                .200" 
RC-60          3/4"                .234" 
RC-80           1"                  .312"
RC-100        1 1/4"             .375"
RC-120        1 1/2"             .437" 
LXS-3013 Chainweave Conveyor Belt  with A-1 attachments every pitch.

1. Rigidized Flights
2. Angle Flights
3. Flat flights
4. Mesh Flights

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