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wire mesh belt made in china

wire mesh belt made in china(Stainless steel wire mesh belt, because the shape like diamond, so called diamond mesh belt, mesh belt belongs to a diamond conveying belt, the utility model has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, and the contact area of products is small, easy to dry, the object cleaning, spraying, heating. The diamond mesh belt precautions according to the weight of the object to the design of the wire diameter, pitch and pitch, for heavy objects to consider the use of network with the other.)

Also referred to as chain link mesh since it is woven in the same manner as Chain Link fencing. All spirals are of the same direction and are woven together without the use of connecting rods. 

CLK-24-24-16 or 1/2” x 16 gauge conventional weave。 

Generally used in chain driven applications where exceptional drainage of open area are required. Available in any material

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