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Chain link mesh belt

Link type network with chain drive, used in large and heavy transport (of course, many of the dryer equipment conveying objects is very light but also use this link), its operation is stable, the strength is big, the net surface force is relatively small, can protect the effect of surface transport network, price concessions. The service life is long. In recent years, the most popular of the conveyor belt.

Link type mesh belt, with many materials, iron and stainless steel, solid rod or hollow tube can be made into the bar chain conveyor belt, and a lot of customers love in the support rod or pipe is sleeved outside the plastic tube or anti-static tube or wrap tape.This is a use of chain and the supporting shaft conveyor belt. The first pivot shaft through both ends of the car, then both sides with the chain, finally the support shaft is welded on the washer or cotter pin, this is the bar chain conveyor belt. Chain pitch and material and roller size there are a variety of shafts, thickness and material and the diameter and length of a variety of models to choose from.

Order bar chain conveyor belt to clear data:

1, chain pitch and material and roller size

2, chain rod supporting shaft diameter and material and spacing

3, the total length of the wide belt conveyor.

4 bar chain conveyor belt is a gasket for welding or cotter pin

5 Weight and characteristics of an object conveyed by a chain belt conveyor

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