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Shear Blade for Glass

The Rongda scissors of the HS system are designed for high speed column machines, and we use our special high strength and high strength special stainless steel alloy to produce our scissors.

This ensures that our scissors have:

High performance due to fine grain size and high vanadium content.

High elasticity, even at high temperatures, does not occur in torsion.

No stains, no corrosion, so it is ideal for all biological lubricants with high water content.

Because of the heat treatment process of our patent, Rongda scissors blade is very hard, and in accordance with the position of hardness is similar to spring, all others on the market just to scissors, cutting hardened, mounting part is relatively fragile, because these places lower toughness, the blade will appear most undesirable distortions, which requires in the production to adjust production, which reduces the production efficiency.

Glass Shear Blade is mainly used to cut glass scissors to tire molding glass products. Liquid products mainly include single, double, four, five, and two are all steel and steel, reliable product quality, complete specifications, convenient installation, durable, hard edged lipstick, reasonable price, excellent technology and spare parts the essential of the glass industry.

Scissors is a blade feeding equipment accessories production glass industry, is mainly a blade used for cutting glass solution. Scissors two is a scissors welding, the other one is the scissors scissors. The whole welding is 75 degrees, 85 degrees, 44 degrees the 53 degrees, 65 degrees. The whole 75 degrees, 85 degrees, 80 degrees, 51 degrees, 65 degrees, 38 degrees, 63 degrees, 20 degrees, the whole strip scissors, scissors overall four drops, five drops of whole scissors.

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