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SC 402 Silent chain

Silent chain is an efficient, stable, drive economy. Its transmission speed and capacity are more than the chain belt and other types of silent chain.of low noise, small vibration, high transmission efficiency of more than 99%. The standard of silent chain chain and sprocket variety, so silent chain drive collocation is flexible, which can meet the different needs of different conditions.

The chain shape of silent chain, in order to reduce the stress concentration degree, prolong the fatigue life, enhance the tensile strength of the chain. Stamping technology innovation bring pressure area each link can increase the bearing area. That links at reduced pressure, greatly reduce the chain in the process of using all stretched rate. The link is through shot blasting treatment to increase the fatigue strength, and surface consistent effect.

Main features:

1. low noise toothed chain through the work of involute tooth chain plate and sprocket tooth shaped meshing transmission power, compared with the roller and bush chains the multilateral effect is significantly reduced, the impact is small, smooth motion, meshing less noise. 

2. high reliability toothed chain is multi disc structure, when one individual in the work piece chain destruction does not affect the whole chain of work, so that people can discover and replace, such as the need to increase the carrying capacity of the smaller size in the width direction (increase chain row number).

3. high precision toothed chain each link can maintain uniform wear elongation, high motion accuracy.

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